Process Service Request Form

To submit a process service job, please complete the form below. Once submitted, we will invoice you and contact you if we have any questions. You will receive a confirmation email that job information has been received.

TERMS OF SERVICE: By submitting this form and paying your invoice, you understand that we provide up to three attempts at ONE address. Additional attempts and addresses will incur additional fees. Also, we can NOT guarantee (and no process server can guarantee) that your service project will be successful. The more information you provide us with about your servee, the better. Include photos of your subject, if you have them, and anything you think might be helpful for us to know.

Our service level agreement with you for service due date options:
* Routine service is three attempts made at one address completed within 10 days.
* Rush service is three attempts made at one address completed within 5 days.
* Same day service is up to three attempts made at one address completed in 2 days (first attempt made same day when request is received by Noon).

Please call us prior to submitting this form, if you have questions about pricing (we offer special pricing to attorneys).

Thank you for choosing Solid Serve Legal.

Optional. Your system's reference number.
Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Tattoos, Phone Number, Vehicle Description, License Plate, Demeanor, etc.