The Los Angeles County Process Server

Instructions on how to request service. Below there are several different service types available to choose from. We specialize in service of process. (We do not conduct stakeouts, Offer skip tracing services. And we do not file any documents with the court.) If you have any questions please call us before ordering.

The very first service type is selected by default. You must select from the list below the type of Process Service you need. All services are Pre-Paid. If by chance you do not see the specific service you require, please give us a call at 310-800-2378 and we'll make a custom service type for you If needed. Once you found the service type that you need, please fill out that form. Upload all documents that needs to be served to the Individual or Company, Along with the appropriate Proof of Service Form. Each Individual or Company you're trying to serve at the same address is a separate order. First order will be at the service type you choose and each additional order at the same address will be billed as custom job $50.

All service documents must be in PDF format. NO photographs or pictures of service documents will be accepted. (Please be aware if you need a proof of service form that needs to be notarized that's a $50 charge.) If you're serving a person that may be avoiding service. Please also attach their photo along with your documents. This will be helpful in ensuring a Successful Service of Process.

Once submitted we will contact you should we have any questions. You will receive a confirmation email that the job information has been received. We also use high tech technology to pinpoint our GPS location and time stamp our location when we service a company or individual. With this program we can also take photos and attach it to the information to send directly to you.

To satisfy the court, we attempt three different times and three different days. That's usually a morning attempt, afternoon attempt, or late afternoon early evening attempt. This is known as due diligence. After attempting three times unsuccessfully, we will issue an Affidavit of non-service. If we were successful, we will issue a proof of service or Affidavit of service which will send you in the email link. In this way you can print out and file it with the court. As always have your legal team verify everything is correct. (We are not an attorney or lawyers and none of this is legal advice.)

Happy to answer any and all questions, just call us anytime. Thank you for choosing Los Angeles County Process Server.

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Warning: Please verify that the address that you give us is correct. If it turns out to be a bad address you will receive an Affidavit of non-service. And you would have to reorder service with the correct address no refunds after attempt has been made. If you have any questions regarding our service, please call before ordering. We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice! We suggest all clients Consulting attorney, Legal Aid, or The Court Clerk on how to proceed with your case correctly. It is understood that this company is not responsible for any legal mistakes that the client makes. We are not attorneys and we do not proofread your legal documents. We only verify that the documents are legible to serve. We're not responsible if the client sends us an incomplete file or the wrong file to serve someone. We simply follow the clients instructions. It is the client's responsibility to verify all documents that needs to be served that there are correct. I cannot stress this enough! It is highly recommended that the client always seek legal counsel to make sure that they're moving forward with their case correctly. If you have any questions, give us a call anytime at 310-800-2378 Thank you

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