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Fast Action Process Inc.

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We are Central Texas's Premier Process Serving Company Offering State and Nationwide Service with over 15 Years of experience. We look forward to helping you with your Process Serving Needs.

Our servers generally attempt a job every 3-4 days or so. They will make a morning attempt before 9am, 1 midday attempt, 1 After 6:30-7pm and A Saturday attempt if they still haven't been able to serve the documents. Regular service usually takes a couple weeks. Rush Service is an additional $45.00 and we make the first attempt within 24 hours and complete in most cases within a week. Priority Rush Service costs an additional $65.00 and is attempted within 4-6 hours and is completed within 3-4 days. The first 15 pages are free for us to print and .20 cents a page after.

To submit a job, please complete the form below. Then select the County you need the Documents served in. If the documents need to be completed with in a week, then we recommend upgrading the job to a Rush service by adding the additional fee. If the Documents need to completed in 2-3 days we recommended upgrading the service to a Priority Rush Service by selecting the additional Fee. If there is more than one set of documents being delivered to the same person we charge $40.00 per set. So you would need to add the Fee for every set. Once submitted we will contact you should we have any questions. You will receive a confirmation email that job information has been received.

We service all courts throughout the Central Texas Area, including Civil, Family, Small Claims and any other courts as requested.

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We service all Counties in Texas, if there is a county you need service in and it is not listed, or you need a pick up from court then please email us for a quote at [email protected].

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