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We are proud to offer you the eLegalSupport.com Exclusive Flat Rate Service promise! This means that on our Flat Rate Process Service Options that you are able to select from below; we will make multiple attempts to one address of your choice until the Process is either served or deemed "un-servable" (For example it is determined to be a bad address or after multiple attempts we run out of time i.e. subject is avoiding). Includes: Flat Rate Multiple Attempts as needed/applicable, Gas, Mileage, Printing of your documents (up to 75 pages) and a Professional Proof/Affidavit of Service or Signed Declaration of Due Diligence completed by a Registered or Authorized Process Server.

**If you have multiple Process Serving Assignments (Going to other Defendants/Subjects and or Addresses) to submit, then please complete a separate upload form for each one**

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*After you have selected the type of service that you wish to order from one of the above listed selections: (1) If applicable; Please indicate if your Proof / Affidavit of Service needs to be Notarized in the Service Instructions Field (Most Courts do not require a Notary i.e. CA, but some States and Courts do require it) If your Affidavit of Service Does need to be Notarized we will email an invoice be paid by Credit Card for the Notary Cost. (2) You may also want to upload a Photograph of the Subject that we are serving if you have one. (3) Please indicate the Urgency and or the actual Due Date or last day to serve (if you know that) for the Assignment in the Service Instructions Field; so that we may confirm that you ordered the correct service for your needs and attempt service according to the Urgency of the job. *Note: We will check your order, review it to determine that you ordered the correct service for the needs that you indicated. If it is determined that that the wrong service was ordered to meet your location or urgency needs we will briefly pause the order and promptly reach out to you. **You may submit your job requests 24/7 however our regular office hours are are 8:00am to 5:30PM Monday through Friday (PT). While we will do our best to meet your your needs, respond to and or confirm an after hours request as soon as possible; we can promise that order requests made after our normal business hours will be responded to promptly no later than early (our first priority) the next business day.

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