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*If you have multiple Process jobs to submit, then please complete a separate upload form for each one.

*Please indicate if your Proof / Affidavit of Service needs to be Notarized in the Service Instructions Field (Most CA Courts do not require a Notary but some States do require it).

*Please indicate the Urgency and Due Date for the Assignment in the Service Instructions Field so that we may price correctly and attempt service according to the Urgency of the job.
Job Urgency Timeframes
Routine averages 2 to 10 days until served (unless avoiding)
RUSH 1st attempt Guaranteed within 48 hours
Do Today attempted ASAP the same day or at set appointment time
*Do Today needs to be within reasonable hours of being able to attempt service (After 5PM the 1st Attempt will fall on the next day from when the order is made and payment made for the Service Assignment).

*You may also upload a Photograph of the Subject that we are serving if you have one.

We are proud to offer you the eLegalSupport.com Exclusive Flat Rate Service promise! This means that we will make multiple attempts to one address of your choice until the Process is either served or deemed "un-servable" (For example it is determined to be a bad address or after attempts we run out of time). No Charge for gas or mileage!

Optional. Your system's reference number.
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