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Terms of Service ___________________________________________________________________________ We will make (3-5) good faith service attempts per address. (Depending on the address) You will receive an update after each attempt from Delivered - check your spam folder. ___________________________________________________________________________ Unless instructed otherwise we may leave a business card at the subject address. ___________________________________________________________________________ Charges & Payment Terms : Fees apply per servee/per address regardless of outcome. Payment is due upon ordering services unless prior billing arrangement has been set up. ___________________________________________________________________________ Payment is not contingent on client reimbursement or service outcome. At job completion you will receive an email with a link to your invoice/receipt and signed affidavit if prepaid (Non prepay accounts -Affidavit sent upon receipt of payment at completion of service). ___________________________________________________________________________ Late fees of 18% APR will be applied if payments are more than thirty (30) days past due. And account will be set to prepay. ___________________________________________________________________________ Acknowledgement & Acceptance ___________________________________________________________________________ By submitting your job for service, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the above terms and conditions. ___________________________________________________________________________ eff. 11/1/2022 HQ | Delivered Justice 405 N Greensferry Rd #1601

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