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To submit a job, please complete the form below. Once submitted we will contact you should we have any questions. You will receive a confirmation email that job information has been received. Thank you for Daybreak Process Serving.

TERMS OF SERVICE: Upon submitting this form and completing payment of your invoice, please understand that our charges are based per address and per defendant. Depending on the service option selected at checkout, our service will include 4-8 delivery attempts at a single specified address. Should there be a need for more attempts or if services at additional addresses are required, additional charges will be incurred. It is also crucial to note that we cannot guarantee the success of the service, which is a common limitation with process serving. To enhance the likelihood of success, we strongly encourage you to provide comprehensive information about the individual to be served. This should include photographs if you have them, and any other pertinent details that you think might aid us in our task.

If you have any questions, please call us prior to submitting your order request. (503) 278-0724 or Email [email protected]

*All Services are subject to availability, if there is an issue with getting your documents served in the area you requested we will let you know as soon as possible and you will receive a refund.*

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