CJC Paralegal Services

CJC Paralegal Services

To submit a job, please complete the form below for payment and then upload/send electronic copy to be served.
For large packages or certified copies, please mail in the original plus 2 copies to the office.
For service of subpoenas, please mail in 3 copies plus the witness fee check/money order.
Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email/call that job information has been received.
Thank you for your business!

Service Type *

Additional fees will apply to such as: *Number of people to be served at same address or service at additional/multiple addresses. *Witness fees for subpoenas. *Printing fees apply if over 30 pages total. * Court Filing. *Notary services *Any additional services added to original order, the invoice will be adjusted/billed accordingly. Please put additional services needed in the order form service instruction section so bill can be adjusted and billed correctly. *Any questions, you may call/text the main office toll free 1-844-4CJCNOW. *You may also book online or create client portal to communicate with us through our website - www.cjcparalegal.com

Optional. Your system's reference number.
Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Tattoos, Phone Number, Vehicle Description, License Plate, Demeanor, etc.

Billing Information

Please fill out your billing information below. Your card will be charged for the service.