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About NJ LegalExpress.com

NJ LegalExpress.com has been building discerning professional relationships with many of New Jersey’s leading civil litigation law firms and attorneys. Our proven and cost effective professional services have earned us a solid reputation, for obtaining "personal service" when others have failed, and not at the expense of value! Email or call for a Quote!

With the advent of guarded and gated communities, private mailbox facilities, caller id and inexpensive video surveillance systems, process serving in today’s culture has become an ART. Each “serve” is as individual as the person being served. Being a New Jersey process server now requires more than an expert command of the statutes, it calls for expertise, persistence and the ability to react professionally in unpredictable and often hostile circumstances.

You may trust and rely on our team of experienced Certified New Jersey Process Servers and qualified nationwide affiliates when your service of process requires skill, experience and intelligence. For over 15 years, our specialty has been in serving evasive defendants by employing charm and finesse, intelligence and ingenuity to get past a closed door, a guard or a gate. Please, consider NJ LegalExpress.com. Call us today!

Our specialties include, obtaining personal service upon the known "Professional" Defendant, Hostile Trial Witnesses, Evasive Dead-Beat Dads/Moms, the Rich & Famous and Dissolved Corporations. We invite your call anytime to New Jersey’s “24 Hour On Deman“24/7 -On Demand" Legal Specialist @ 973-651-7125 and speak with New Jersey’s most respected Process Serving firm.





  • Subpoenas
  • Summons and Complaints
  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Landlord/Tenant Notices to Quit and Termination of Leases
  • Orders for Discovery
  • Foreclosure Documents
  • Any Legal Document to be Personally Served
  • NJ Local Process Service
  • National Process Servers
  • Rush and Immediate Services
  • Skip Tracing
  • Document Retrieval, Court Filings, and Court Research
  • Traveling Notary Public
  • Paralegal Services


  • NJ LegalExpress.com serves Any and Every Address throughout New Jersey!
  • Specializing in NJ's Busiest Areas of:
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