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About Countrywide Process, LLC

Our Mission
Countrywide Process, LLC. is based on minimizing the time and energy you spend during the preparation of documents to be sent out for service to a Process Server. Once you create an account with us, you have the ability to log on to our website and start submitting jobs online. You will have the ability to complete an Online Work Order (OWO), attach your docmuments, pay and submit for service.

Whether you decide to e-mail or fax us, your time sensitive documents are received by our Secure Nationwide Process Servers' Center. Almost instantaneously your documents are saved into our database and a work order is generated. Immediately after this procedure the work order along with your documents, are forwarded to one of our many, time tested and hand picked Professional Service Agents. Each job is routed according to the zip code where subject is to be served. Please make sure the address information submitted is true and correct to ensure correct routing.



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  • Nationwide Process Serving
  • Regular Service - first attempt made within 3 to 5 days
  • Rush Service - first attempt made within 72 hours
  • Priority Service - first attempt made upon receipt
  • Judgment Recovery Services
  • As a judgment holder, you have the right to assign your judgment to a third party to collect the judgment for you. Countrywide Process, LLC is in the professional business of Judgment Recovery and if you have been unsuccessful in collecting a judgment we would be glad to collect it for you.
  • We are skilled experts in finding debtors' assets including any "hidden assets" they may have. We then seize the assets to have them satisfy the judgment. Furthermore, you don't pay us anything. We only receive a percentage of what is actually collected on the judgment.
  • Please remember that there is a time limitation as to when you may collect on the judgment. If you fail to act within the given time constraints, time may run out and you could lose all the time and money you spent winning the case in the first place.
  • Once again, you have no out of pocket cost to you or your business. We front all of the expenses that are involved in searching for the assets and collecting the judgment. After the judgment is collected, you will receive a substantial percentage of the total amount collected, within thirty(30) days after collection.
  • If you wish to collect your money at no charge to you in advance, then please contact us at the telephone number or email address provided below. We will then get back with you to arrange the assignment and terms. Since your judgment may have been sitting around uncollected for so long that it may become worthless. You have nothing to lose. Why not try our "no recovery, no cost services", to turn that judgment into cash.


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