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    Alex Cavazos

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    2712 87th Street
    Lubbock, TX 79423

About Cavazos Legal & Civil Services

Process serving in a professional, efficient & timely manner is our committment to you. Our field experience has proven that it takes more than just a knock on the door to complete the due diligence process & our TAT service rate reflects that success. More than 90% of documents are delivered within 24 hours. We realize the importance of what we do for you and doing it in a timely & correct manner...EVERY TIME.

Licensed Private Investigaton done working under one of the leading investigative companies in West Texas, Kurlander Legal Support.

Let us put our field experience to work for you. Our familiarity with the West Texas Region coupled with our bilingual skills help benefit effective delivery to a more diverse and broader segment of the population in this area.



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