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    Eric Vennes

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    13300 Bothell Everett Highway, Ste. 674
    Mill Creek, WA 98012

About Apex Legal

Since 1987, the ownership of Apex Legal Services has been diligently serving civil process nationwide.

We believe in a defendant’s constitutional right to due process and notice of same.

We believe in a customer first, ethical and accountable way of doing business and value each client as if they were our only one.

We believe that regardless of whether you have a one time need or are litigating 1000 cases monthly, you deserve the highest degree of professionalism available. We have the systems in place to seamlessly integrate with your agency and provide you with top of the line service.

The service of civil process is not simply a glorified courier action. It is a responsibility of our judicial system and MUST be carried out in an ethical and legal manner. Ethics, professionlism, transparency, and technology all play a roll in providing an accountable serivce platform.

By using the most technologically advanced processes, Apex Legal Services can offer a superior degree of regulation and internal compliance. Our servers utilize a mobile application, along with smartphones and tablets while in the field. This allows for GPS and time/date stamps for each attempt or successful service which can be transferred to the actual Proof of Service, eliminating the chance of sewer service. The use of internal signature exemplaries eliminate the chance of robo-signing; which from a national media standpoint, are seemingly the two most disastrous practices taking place today in our profession.



NAPPS - Past President
WSPSA - Executive Director


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  • All of Washington State

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